Cress Health

Software Engineer

Feburary 2020 - Present
  • Developed static web pages using HTML, CSS, and Bulma to advertise Cress Health’s products in a reader-friendly and accessible manner which led to 20,000+ page views.
  • Contributed to the Cress Cares initiative by creating websites to raise awareness for over 200,000 refugees and asylum seekers in need of mental health support.


Technology Team Member

March 2020 - Present
  • Worked in cross-functional teams to develop functional web pages to foster an innovative environment and improve brand reputation by creating animated UI components using Vue, Vuetify, and Firebase.
  • Improved user experience by creating multi-step application forms to handle 500+ student participants and mentors from all over the world.


Frontend Developer

May 2019 - Present
  • Developed static web pages using Vue and BootstrapVue to inform candidates about the SciSquare program and to showcase the current students' work.


Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

Marketing Chair

April 2020 - Present
  • Managed and created eye-catching graphics on Canva for the Boston University chapter’s Instagram and Facebook account, which led to a 20% increase in followers.
  • Modernized the Boston University organization's website using Vue, BootstrapVue, and Google Calendar to make it mobile-friendly, easier to navigate, while also advertising the chapter’s events.


Student Mentor

June 2018 - July 2018
  • Supervised 20+ students learning Java in projects involving physics such as 2D motion and momentum.
  • Collaborated with mentors to develop projects using kernel image processing, Markov chains, and blob detection.



Mental health website that allows users to log their thoughts in a journal while an AI deciphers their mood. Made a clean UI with React in combination with Firebase for real-time database calls and updates. Utilized IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer to decipher the user’s mood.



Versus is a website to play games with friends using a room-code system. The website was made possible with p5.js, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, and Socket.IO. Currently, only a Connect-4 game has been developed, but there are more coming in the near future.

Code Live


DjangoForums is a basic Forum website built using the Django Framework. In terms of functionality, a user can sign up for an account, make posts, reply to posts, edit their posts, and if need be, edit their profile and change their password. This website involved the implementation of numerous skills such as authentication, form processing, and database management.

Test Account Info

Username: testAccount

Password: testpassword

Code Live

Sorting Algo Visualizer

This is a sorting algorithm visualizer using JavaScript along with the p5.js library. This project involved me analyzing different sorting algorithms and breaking them down to each individual step such that those steps can be visualized. Currently, I have implemented Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, and Insertion Sort.

Code Live

Here Lie Spirits.

This is a game made with the Unity Engine and C#. All visual art was made by me in Photoshop. This game is a platformer with puzzle elements. This project involved me learning many different aspects of game development such as art, sound managing, animation, and scene triggering.

Code Live

About Me

Hello, I'm Jason Kim.

I am student at Boston University pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. My interests in this field range from Game Development to Software Development. While Computer Engineering is a major part of my life, I am also very much interested in the arts, especially music. As a percussionist and pianist, I have played and directed numerous different bands ranging from theater, to orchestra, to jazz.

Programming Languages

python javascript java c

Front-End Development

react vue html css bootstrap

Back-End Development

nodejs express django mongodb


p5.js processing heroku git